Muslims, Let's Talk
This life is too short and the next one is too long for us not to talk about our relationship with the one who created us.  
The Bible is God's Word                                           
Millions of people's lives have been totally transformed by the message of the Bible.  Not only does the Bible itself claim to be the unchangeable Word of God.  Not only does Jesus affirm the Scriptures which were available in His day and guarantee that His followers would be guided by the Holy Spirit in recording His teachings after His time on earth.  The Bible has also survived many attempts to destroy it down through the ages, and its ancient manuscripts bear witness to the authenticity of the Bible that we read today.  Though it is made up of 66 books, written over a period of 1400 years by as many as 40 different authors, the Bible's message is strikingly unified, teaching us that from the very beginning God had a plan to restore us to a right relationship with Himself.

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