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This life is too short and the next one is too long for us not to talk about our relationship with the one who created us.  
The testimony of John the Baptist                          

In the same passage, John is recorded as saying, "I saw the Spirit come down from heaven as a dove and remain on him.  I would not have known him, except that the one who sent me to baptize with water told me, 'The man on whom you see the Spirit come down and remain is he who will baptize with the Holy Spirit.'  I have seen and I testify that this is the Son of God."  (John 1:32-34 NIV) 

John the Baptist recognized that he was sent with the special mission to prepare the people of his day for the ministry of the Messiah.  John called people to repent of their sins and to acknowledge God's cleansing of their hearts by receiving water baptism.  He understood the clear difference between himself and Jesus, who would bring a new and powerful experience of the Holy Spirit to people.

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